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Mini Trips From Athens


Ancient Olympia

A memorable destination, the “most beautiful place” as described by the ancient poet Pindaros. It was the most significant spiritual, religious and athletic centre of the ancient world, in a location full of plane trees,pine trees, poplar trees and olive trees. It attracted people from all around the known world at the time, who visited Olympia to admire its monuments (temples, altars, statues). In ancient Olympia is where the Olympic games, the most significant athletic event of antiquity, where first created. They were held in Zeus’ honour. The place itself but also the religious and athletic events that were happening during the Olympic games were so sacred that every city would stop any war activity. Within the archaeological space we see the holy temple which was dedicated to the father of the gods, Zeus. In that temple there used to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the famous statue of Olympian Zeus (13m/42ft tall) which was sculpted by the famous sculptor Phidias. It is worth visiting the archaeological museum in which amongst others there is the famous sculpture of Hermes and the Infant Dionysus (Hermes of Praxiteles) in display.



In a very close distance from Athens there is a beautiful traditional settlement, built in the hills of mount. Parnassos. It is considered to be one of the best winter destinations since it has a ski resort, where ski fanatics can enjoy their favourite activity. Nonetheless, Arachova is beautiful in the summertime as well, since it provides wonderful walks in nature and a magnificent scenery which leaves even the strictest visitor speechless. Besides the authentic, tasty local products (olive oil, olives, wine) it is known for the cheese Formaela, which has been registered as a protected designation of origin. The beautiful wefts which are considered true works of art are also very famous. The surrounding area gives off a sense of awe and respect, since the ancient Delphi is located very close to it.



Is recognised by UNESCO as a monument of world heritage. It is built in the hills of mount. Parnassos, which is also known as Liakoura (meaning wolf cries). The well known oracle was located in Delphi and it was dedicated to the god Apollo. According to mythology it was said to have been created at the omfalos (navel) of the earth (meaning the centre of the world). It was the most famous and most important oracle in the entire ancient world. It is no wonder that it was visited by major foreign rulers but also Alexander the Great himself. Besides visiting the archaeological space and the holy oracle, the area offers a variety of different activities such as hiking on the ancient path of the worshipers from Kirra to Delphi which is part of the European path E4, paragliding or skiing at the Parnassos ski resort.



a wonderful town, full of life all year long. A walk through the old town will take the visitor for a trip back in time and through the impressive buildings and beautiful squares they will learn the history of the town. The trip continues up the 999 steps on the hill which lead to Palamidi. Besides it being a venetic fortress of incredible architectural value it was also a prison for heavy crimes. Across the port there is Bourtzi, a small island on which there is a venetic castle which was first used as home for the executioners of the time, then as a hotel and today as a space for social events. It was the first official capital of Greece and it offers the visitor wonderful memories from romantic walks through the shops in the old town.



A very important cultural piece of Greece, this town is known mostly for the ancient theatre which offers the viewer a wonderful experience from the aesthetic harmony of the surrounding space and the sound quality of the theatre itself. The area also offers the visitor a chance to enjoy the nature and its wonderful beaches but also delicious food in traditional shops.



During ancient times ti was one of the most important and richer towns since it held control over naval trading. The well known diolkos (moving the ships on wheels through dry land to avoid going around Peloponnesus since it cost more money and time) was the first step towards the creation of the Corinth Canal. Today the city pulls the visitor in mostly for its beaches but also for the beautiful walks downtown through the shops.



Korinthos’ spa town can satisfy every visitor, since besides the wonderful beaches, it also has a casino and hot springs. Loutraki is also known for the metallic water which has healing abilities. It is the ideal multicultural destination for a short excursion and the visitor is guaranteed relaxation and fun.



Located in Laconia, the place from where king Menelaus started the trojan expedition to take back Helen of Troy. The town of Leonidas who dared to deny the Persian king Xerxes by saying “molon labe” meaning “come and take [them]”. A very ancient city whose name is linked with modesty and military discipline, a superstate of ancient Greece and the only threat for ancient Athens. Today, it is a modern city with beautiful squares and it is surrounded by mountains Taygetus and Parnonas, which both provide unique experiences for nature lovers. There are the caves of Diros in a very short distance from it. Just a bit outside the city there is the town of Mystras, which is the most important byzantine monument of Greece and which met great cultural and economic growth when it became the capital of the byzantine despotate of Moras during the 14 th and 15 th century.

The medieval "castletown" of Monemvasia, often called "The Greek Gibraltar", Lakonia, Peloponnese, Greece


A town of castles which has remained lively even to this day and which serves as a grand example of architectural expertise with its unique fortifications and the port of Mystras from which a trade route towards the west was established. The fine wine Malvasia however is what gave the town a big economic boost. Today, walking through the enclosed town provides a magical experience and the view from the top leaves the visitor in awe. It is also the town of the famous poet Yiannis Ritsos, his “lady Monemvasia”, his “stone ship”.


This landscape is harsh and as merciless as silence,
It hugs its blazing rocks tightly to its bosom,
It hugs its orphaned olive groves and vineyards in the sunlight,
It clenches its teeth.
There is no water, only a blinding light,
There is no water, only a blinding light.
The road ahead vanishes into that light,
and the shadow of the barbed-wire fence is a shadow of steel.

Yiannis Ritsos


Trikala Corinthias

The picturesque villages on the mountainside of Corinthia, which are very close to Athens, offer a wonderful two-day excursion regardless of the season. There are 3 traditional settlements, Kato (down), Messaia (middle) and Ano (Up) Trikala. The unique, white landscape during the winter and the wonderful colours and smells of the nature during spring are going to amaze the visitor. The space is hospitable and full of warm people and incredible tasted of traditional Greek cuisine. 10 kilometres away there is the Ziria ski resort for ski lovers while hiking lovers will find several hiking routes. One of the most important attraction of the area is the artificial lake of Doxa which resembles a beautiful young bride, located between mountains Ziria and Helmo and it offers its waters for diving.



A small village with a long history. The flag of the Greek revolution of 1821 was raised at the historical monastery of Saint Lavras. In 1943 every man over the age of 12 was executed by the German Nazi army at the village of Kalavryta, which was then burned down. Today, at the centre of the square there is still the clock of the Metropolitan Temple, stopped at the time of the execution. A village-monument, Kalavryta, offers a remarkable experience to the visitor who will admire the Odontotos railway which during its course towards the village, goes through the canyon of Vouraikos river. Very close to that is one of the biggest ski resorts on mountain Helmos, where the telescope of the observatory of Athens is located (it is the biggest one in all of Balkan countries) and also the cave of lakes with the incredible stalactites and stalagmites. In the area there is also the Mega Spileo (Great Cave), the oldest monastery, the holy land of Orthodoxy.


Rio-Antirio – Nafpaktos – Galaxidi

Since 2004, the passage from the Peloponnese to the western mainland of Greece is done through the impressive, both aesthetically and in terms of architecture, bridge of Rio-Antirio, which took decades to be completed. It is a bridge which serves as an easy and quick way for travellers to get to Nafpaktos: a beautiful and historical city, since in the sea surrounding it the alliance of the west stopped the Ottoman Empire in 1571. It is ideal for an enjoyable two-day excursion. Walking through the city and resting at the port is essential before visiting the montane part of it, where the small villages that make up Nafpaktos appear through a natural landscape. The area is ideal for rafting, hiking, mountain climbing. The walk can either be completed by going back to the city of Nafkpaktos or it can continue by heading towards Galaxidi: a small city near the sea which resembles the feeling of an island. The beautiful, traditional shops offer a variety of delicious treats while the visitor can enjoy looking at the incredible pine forest which is located across the port. The passage through Galaxidi can be a breath of fresh air while providing relaxation and it can be combined with calming walks or even swimming on the gorgeous bays.

Monastery of Roussanou, UNESCO world heritage Meteora, Greece


The big rocks on which 30 famous monasteries were built, which served as safehouses for important monuments and works of art during the time Greece was enslaved by the ottoman empire. It is often described as a sculpture of nature. The 6 monasteries that are now in use are part of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Travellers from all around the globe visit Meteora since the landscape and the rocks sculpted by nature as well as the religious importance of the place create an unforgettable experience.



Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Athens, Sounio is ideal for a one-day excursion. The ride there is majestic, since the traveller drives through the impressive southern suburbs and next to the sea which provides a magnificent view. Reaching the southern end of the cape, the traveller can see the temple of Poseidon which stands mighty on top of the rock and it calls for the traveller to enjoy the view but also to see the unforgettable, romantic sunset. The walk can also be combined with swimming in one of the greatest beaches and of course it can be completed by visiting one of the traditional taverns.